Today’s Announcements

  • Welcome! We're glad you could join us. To help us all stay safe, please remember to follow all park rules:
  • WEAR YOUR FACE MASK AT ALL TIMES. All guests, over age of 2 yrs, are required to wear face coverings. There are seating areas (tables and benches) separated for guests to take breaks; otherwise, masks are required when moving around the park, at animal exhibits and shops (indoors and outdoors), regardless of medical condition or vaccination status.
  • DISTANCE RESPONSIBLY! Keep at least 6 feet between yourself and other groups. Please be patient at animal exhibit areas and allow guests to move along before stepping forward or creating crowds.
  • WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN. We've added plenty of hand sanitizer stations to help you clean hands frequently. Thank you for your support!
  • Seasonal Attractions: The peak season schedule begins March 27. Attractions opening at that time include Children's Zoo; Butterfly Garden and Zoo Shuttle. Opening April 24 - Monorail.