Fountain Circle

Photo of Fountain Circle

The Italian Fountain, also known as the Rockefeller Fountain, is carved from light-colored limestone and granite. It was designed of sculptor Biagio Catella in Como, Italy, in 1872. After less than 20 years on site in the Piazza Cavour, the fountain was dismantled and put into storage in the Como City Hall. Many years later, in 1902, William Rockefeller bought the fountain and gave it to the Bronx Zoo. Laying the groundwork for the fountain at the zoo took about eight years, and then it was finally moved from its original location on Astor Court to its present position in the center of the Bronx Zoo’s Rainey Gate Concourse in 1910. It was declared a landmark in1968.

Mon - Fri: Parking is restricted to staff and authorized visitors. Weekends: This location is available as Preferred Parking for zoo guests.