4:30 - 9:00pm Indoor location for short-duration use of Quiet Area at the Administration West building on Astor Court - next to the sea lion pool.

Sensory Bag check-out available.

What is a quiet area? Loud sounds and bright lights can be overwhelming for some guests. This space has softer lighting and reduced sound levels to help guests with sensory sensitivities take a short break. If you need a break to help calm down and reset to be ready for more Holiday Lights, please use it. If you and your family do not need this support, we ask that you leave the space available for other guests.

What is a sensory bag? KultureCity Sensory Bags are designed to support sensory needs in both adults and children. They contain noise-reducing headphones, fidget tools, and a feelings communication tool.

  • Items are cleaned and sterilized between uses.
  • Bags are available for free loan with ID hold, and must be returned by 9 pm.