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African Wild Dogs African Plains
Aldabra Tortoises Zoo Center
Alligators World of Reptiles
Anaconda World of Reptiles
Bald Eagle Birds of Prey
Bee-eater World of Birds
Bison Bison Range
Brown Bear Brown Bears
Chinchilla Mouse House
Cobras World of Reptiles
Crocodiles, Nile Madagascar!
Donkey Children's Zoo
Ebony Langur JungleWorld
Elephant Wild Asia Monorail
Flamingo, Caribbean Aquatic Bird House
Flamingo, Chilean
Frogs World of Reptiles
Fruit Bat JungleWorld
Gelada Monkey Gelada Reserve
Gharial JungleWorld
Giant Anteater Children's Zoo
Giraffes (Outdoor Viewing) African Plains
Goat Children's Zoo
Gorilla, Western Lowland Congo Gorilla Forest Indoor viewing only
Inca Tern Sea Bird Aviary
Komodo Dragon Zoo Center
Lemurs Madagascar!
Lion African Plains
Malayan Tapir JungleWorld
Maleo World of Birds
Mandrill Congo Gorilla Forest
Monarch Butterfly Butterfly Garden
Newt JungleWorld
Nyala African Plains
Okapi Congo Gorilla Forest
Otter JungleWorld
Owls Birds of Prey
Parrots World of Birds
Penguins Sea Bird Aviary
Prairie Dogs Children's Zoo
Père David Deer
Rhinoceros, Indian Wild Asia Monorail
Rhinoceros, White Zoo Center
Sea Lion Sea Lion Pool
Sheep Children's Zoo
Sloth Children's Zoo
Snow Leopard Himalayan Highlands
Tiger Tiger Mountain
Tree Kangaroo JungleWorld
Tufted Puffin Aquatic Bird House
White-cheeked Gibbon JungleWorld
Zebra African Plains
Zebu Children's Zoo
Closed Today
Aardvark Carter Giraffe Building
Giraffes (indoor viewing) Carter Giraffe Building